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Run for Office

Do you have ideas about how to make life better for people in your community? Consider running for office. DeKalb County Democrats are helping to actively recruit and support candidates who want to improve things for citizens in Alabama. 

Ballotpedia has some specific information about running for elected office in the state of Alabama. 

Election Day
Running for Local Office

Most first-time candidates begin at the local level - county commissions, town councils, mayoral offices. local courts, and school boards. These races are often non-partisan, meaning that candidates do not affiliate with a political party. 


State legislature, governor, circuit court judges, district attorney, state board of education - these are just some of the offices that are administered at the state level. These are partisan elections, with in which Democratic and Republican candidates compete.


Presidential and Congressional elections are partisan. In addition to these high stakes races, people also run to serve as delegates for specific candidates at the national conventions. 

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