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Join Democrats Supporting DeKalb County


Reinforcing our Commitment to the Environment

Make it personal and establish an Adopt A Mile in YOUR area. Requirements are trash pick-up 4-6 times a year with a two year commitment. Bags, gloves, vests and sign provided. The Community Connections team will take care of the application process.

You can volunteer to be a team leader and rally your family, friends, and/or neighbors to work towards cleaning up Alabama.

Trash Pick-Up


One Step at a Time

Be a part of providing needed, healthy produce for DeKalb County citizens. Do you like to garden or want to learn how to garden? Do you enjoy being outdoors? This opportunity is perfect for you. Simply be available to provide labor for planting, weeding and picking produce on days needed.

Last year this organization, started by two local health professionals, donated 13,000 lbs. of produce!


Helping The Community

An invaluable service providing victims of domestic violence victim advocacy, case management, counseling, shelter and referrals to area resources. We are seeking a contact person in various areas to set up and manage an easily accessible location for community members to drive by and donate cleaning goods, toiletries, diapers, etc. as needs arise.

Imagine helping an individual or family during such a fearful, chaotic time in their life.

Team work
Outdoor Fireplace


Just Listen

Volunteer to host a small gathering (3-6 folks from your area) on your porch or backyard to engage, inform and see what our constituents need or want to know. We can provide information, resources, talking points, and/or knowledgeable speakers on various topics as these conversations become more in depth.

For more information on how you can join DeKalb County Democrats' Community Connections work, please email

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