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Run for Federal Office

Federal elections are for seats in the United States House of Representatives and Senate, as well as president and vice-president. In general election years, there are also elections for delegates to the National Democratic Convention and National Republican Convention.

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Nominees for president run in their party's primaries or participate in state caucuses. Most states, including Alabama, have primaries, rather than the more complex caucus selection process. Winners of the primary are awarded specific numbers of delegates to the national convention, based on their state's rules. 

If you are an active member of your local Democratic Party and have campaigned for a particular candidate early in the campaign season, you might run for the office of delegate to the national convention. This is where the presidential nominee is officially selected by the Party. Delegates tend to be regular primary voters and are often local elected officials, although this is not required. 

It's unusual for first-time candidates to be elected as representative or senator, but it is possible. Contact the DeKalb County Democrats for information.

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