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Run for State Office

State elected offices cover all three branches of government: 

  • Legislative offices include the Alabama State Senate and House of Representatives.

  • Executive offices include the governor and lieutenant-governor, secretary of state, attorney general, commissioner of agriculture and industry, state auditor, state treasurer, public service commissioners.

  • Judicial offices include justices on the Alabama State Supreme Court and Alabama courts of appeals, plus circuit court judges and the district attorney.

The District 8 State Board of Education commissioner is also a state elected office.  

Important Dates for the Next General Election

Filing deadline for candidates: January 28, 2022

Primary: May 24, 2022

Primary Run-off: June 21, 2022

General election date: November 8, 2022

For up-to-date information on Alabama state elections, go to the website for the secretary of state at

For information on the incumbents, number of years in the term of each office, and the year each official comes up for re-election, click here

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